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Seasonal Washes - provides you with a clean boat every week and includes washing down the topside of the boat from the rub rail up, soaping/rinsing all areas, dry windows & chrome, wipe down fly-bridge and/or cock-pit. Wash services are performed weekly, one time, or on call with notice. Washing the hull is another service we provide and is a separate charge.

Soda Blasting - is the art of removing anti-fouling bottom paint with a high rate of air pressure and baking soda. The age old process of sanding paint is now a thing of the past.

Compound & Wax - provides you with a really clean and protected boat that looks great. Polishing is done with a high-speed buffer, or by hand and can be performed on dry dock or in the water. We have the experience and knowledge to make your boat shine; this is truly a top quality polishing, with our professional crew of polishers.

Interior Services - We offer interior cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, one time or on call basis. General interior cleaning includes: dusting, vacuuming the salon area, staterooms, sanitize galley & heads, and straighten up, so all you have to do is come aboard and relax.

Interior Full Detail - This is complete and through spring cleaning and is a great way to start your boating season off right. Before you bring your belongings aboard, let our crew get your cabin looking and smelling fabulous. A full detail includes: cleaning of all cabinets inside and out, lockers, windows, windows tracks, blinds, headliners, vacuum carpet/sofa, bed cushions, sanitize bathrooms (heads), kitchen (galley), and bedroom (staterooms), steam clean carpet and upholstery.

TEAK Restoration - teak wood can give boats a beautiful vintage appearance, but requires a lot of maintenance to keep it from weathering. We offer a four-step process: C.B.S.O., clean, bleach, sand, and oil. This process will bring your teak back to its natural golden color and with a few coats of our house oil (or a brand you would like us to use), your teak will look great all season long.

Diving-Bottom cleaning & Retrieval - fuel economy is the key when you're taking a trip across the lake or racing your sailboat in a regatta. If you want to increase your knots or gas mileage, a weekly or bi-weekly bottom cleaning can be the ticket. Don't Panic, if you drop something in the drink our divers on staff can retrieve your lost item.

Shrink Wrapping - once the season is over and you're ready to put your boat away and you would like to store your boat outdoors, but would like it to be protected for the winter--we have the answer. We utilize a plastic shrink-wrap 7-mm thick to cover the contour of your boat. This will keep your boat protected from the elements all winter long. We cover over 200 boats per season and can cover any size ranging from 15ft to 57ft. This is a less expensive way to store your boat when compared to inside storage. We can also shrink-wrap your boat for land transport. Please call for pricing.

New Boat Preps - Are you buying a new boat and want it to look as clean as new? Or are you a dealership and want to present your customers with a clean boat, but embarrassed by your cleaning department? Well, First Mate can get the job done right the first time.

For pricing and further information, please call

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